Thursday, 14 July 2011

Blogger Problems

I seem to be experiencing problems with Blogger quite recently - in some cases those blogs that I regularly follow haven't been feeding in through the update.  More recently I have been receiving comments from some of you - which normally notified me on my email - but now it seems to be feeding straight into Blogger without notifying me on the email.  The other day I lost all my followers.  Has anyone else out there been experiencing problems or is it just affecting me.




  1. Blogger has been having problems for quite a while, I lost my followers for 3 days, they came back and then went again/ Everytime I try to post a comment I have to re-sign in before it will allow me to fill in a password and publish the comment.

    Its a real pain!!

  2. Yes, you're not alone, I lost all of my followers the other day, and another day I could not leave comments, all seems okay at the moment though,

  3. My followers come and go in the blink of an eye! I'm totally fed-up with signing in, if I tick the box I can't comment...Blogger has been a pain in the rear for over a month now, it's about time they sorted it out.

  4. I think quite a few people are having problems with Blogger recently, I haven't been too bad but I do occasionally lose my Followers for a while.

  5. loads of problems with my blog tricia, as you know when you lost me for two weeks recently!! Its driving me potty too!

    I no longer rely on any feeds, I manually visit all the blogs i follow, and also check my blog directly for any comments rather than relying on emails.

    commenting elsewhere sometimes gives me problems too, i just keep trying til it works!

    Leanne x


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