Monday, 25 July 2011

Evening All

Just a quick flit in and out before I wend my way upstairs to Bedfordshire.  Its been a long day today and I feel a little out of sorts; am very sleepy today and is it me but its been colder today - I feel the cold or change in temperature quite badly and I have had to sling a jumper on it seems to have got very dark - pitch black very early tonight too. It smacks of autumn yet its summer.

OH on his computer in the back room so will probably see him tomorrow morning sometime with Missy - Squeak is camping out with me.

I have the Doctors first thing on Wednesday morning, not only with the Nurse who apparently needs to take some more of my precious blood out of  me (the hospital have had it as welland according to them the medication I am taking for the scleroderma is working) but with the GP.  Have to get this medication sorted out for the hiatus hernia and what with me being backwards and forwards to the hospital quite a bitI have a follow up appointment at the hospital to see the Consultant for the haitus hernia on the 18th, and am waiting for an appointment from the Phsyio department too.  Ah well it will keep me out of mischief or get me into it one way or another.  Brings to mind issues with my grandfather who used to practice yoga well before it became popular; only trouble was in later years when he assumed the  full lotus position every so often he would get stuck and my grandmother would have to unplait him.  But he used to enjoy it.  I don't mind exercise - in fact I have been quite sporty right from school,  used to play a lot of netball, basketball, hockey, aerobics, swimming, going regular to the gym, but  had to give the gym up after OH lost his job as could not afford it.  

These days I walk everywhere - even in Scotland when climbing up the hills, although I have been out of puff to start with by the end of the week have been able to walk up and down quite freely without any of the huffin puffin.  I like to explore as much as I can and like to be out amongst the trees, near water preferably the sea it is so peaceful and renergising.  I like my own space and because of that I am often classed as a loner although I am not really.

I have been worried about what exercise to do for the best so I intend to make full use of the visits to the physio when the appointement/appointments come through. Anyway thats enough of my rambings before I send you all off to sleep. Everything happens for a reason and often it is not what happens to you its how you cope with it that really matters  i.e. the journey.

Hope your journey is an interesting one too

Nighty Night Catch everyone soon



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  1. Hope you get all of your appointments sorted out soon and you are feeling well again.
    I did not have too much energy yesterday,(Monday) went to Niagara Falls with my youngest daughter and her family for the weekend. The girls wanted to go to Marineland. Did a lot of walking both days on cement walk ways not the best surface to walk on.
    My weather feels better today, still warm but no humidity.


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