Thursday, 11 August 2011

2011.08.11 My Day

Well its been a tad hectic today to say the least, haven't had a moment to stop until now.  Its been bery busy at work and I left the office early today as my appointment came through from the physiotherapist.  I worked through my lunch hour because things were so manic we have lawyers going on holiday - some were working evening shift and I have been the only secretary in as the other secretary who works part time is on two weeks holiday and there were and have been tight deadlines on specific pieces of work and hearings to prepare for.  Fortunately I have had some help from some of the secretaries upstairs which has helped a lot.

I left on time, but will have a very busy day again tomorrow.  

I attended the appointment with the physiotherapist and came away with some simple exercises that I can do throughout the day to help start to build on the core muscles to strengthen them.  It would also seem that I have gone flat footed as a result of not walking correctly and I have been given some exercises to do to tighten up the muscles.  So everything is looking pretty positive and I have another appointment in two weeks time for a review and also for a more indepth look at what is required for me long term, bearing in mind that I have a disc out of alignment and the pre-existing conditions that I have.  The physio Nicki is the boss and I feel I can really work with her.  So I have some work to do peeps, but I don't mind that  and it would appear that the Rehabilitiation Clinic as it is called is to be a regular feature for a little while yet.  Anything I can do to help myself I will.  So at the moment everything seems to be going well, which I am really relieved about.  I have been doing some of the exercises already you will be pleased to hear.

We have had  a fish and chip supper - which was quite pleasant and I have been rootling through my cookery books and recipe scraps searching for some new recipes as well as discovering ones I had forgotten about.

I have also started of two gallons of blackberry and apple wine this evening.  I am hoping to get some elderberries at the weekend and start the elderberry wine off too.  I want to start really getting to grips with the winemaking again, because it is also very useful in cooking and preserving.  I am thinking of mulled pears here!  I have a course to attend on Saturday so it is going to be a busy day so I am hoping OH will take me foraging when I have finished either that or we will be going on Sunday.

Take care wherever you are

Will catch up again soon


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  1. Keep up the good work with the exercises, and you should soon see the results of your hard work.
    I can almost taste your blackberry and apple wine, it sounds yummy.


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