Saturday, 6 August 2011

Late Morning/Early Afternoon

Well after my peaceful sojourn earlier this morning OH then took me to the Pork Butchers Franks and I purchased bacon chipolatas, a pork pie, a haslet, two cornish pasties and then decided to walk Missy.   They did not have any Savoury Ducks (Faggots). OH called to get petrol, grabbed a couple of drinks and then we walked the dog.  It was nice to get out into the fresh air, especially after my migraine yesterday, its still hanging but I am a lot better than I was and it was just great to be out in the peace and quiet down by the river and in the fresh air.  We happily chomped on our "Cornish" style pasties followed by our drinks.

There is always an ulterior motive for me walking the dog - I only manage perhaps once or twice a week as OH walks her early morning usually on a daily basis and I am of course usually at work by then. Today did not disappoint, blackberries are starting to be ready to be picked.  Sadly there were no puffballs today. I have located some Sea Buckthorn Berries.  I am going back armed with a bowl and a fork to remove the berries from their stems.  The Elderberries are starting to ripen as are some haws.  The Rosehips will not be ready for a week or two. So things are looking promising.   The Crab apples we have located will not be ready for a while yet We have decided to have an early morning forage tomorrow as we have been invited out to lunch to my mum's and I don't want to miss out on nature's bounty especially with my time being limited in which to roam and forage.

I want to pick some blackberries and elderberries.  I would quite like to make some jams and also start some elderberry wine off.  If I can get enough blackberries I might well make some blackberry wine too.  We will have to see what bounty befalls us.

We had a bit of an incident on the way back; Missy found a muddy puddle and promptly through herself in and rolled all around.  We ended up with a two tone dog covered in mud to bring back home.  Needless to say she had to have a bath and I now have a black and white bathroom and am thoroughly drenched.  Sigh Deep Deep joy.  I shall lynch her if she does it tomorrow.

Catch you all soon  I have things to do and must get a wriggle on.




  1. Tricia, last year i splashed out and got a berry picker scoop from Lakeland
    I am very impressed with it and would recommend spashing out £7.99 + p & p for it. It's saved a lot of time and picking was nearly pricle free!

    Why do dog's always find the muddiest puddle? I think they like the bath afterwards! LOL


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