Saturday, 3 September 2011

2011.09.03 My Day

Well it has been a delightful day I have spent most of it with my mum and we have got her well and truly sorted out with some bits and bobs she had planned on buying and some that she hadn't.  It would seem that I am not a good influence on her!  But hey we enjoyed ourselves and had a good natter and spent a good five hours up town.  It is over nine months since she last went shopping in Peterborough.  I have told her that if she wants to go again its no problem just to ask and we will make sure she gets there and if its not convenient that weekend I would tell her. Especially bearing in mind that she will want to do her Christmas shopping; I usually help her with this year in year out.  I bought a few things from the £ shop - I bought some new spray bottles to use with the lemon and vinegar orange cleaners I have made, some round freezer pots, some more soup bags, some freezer bags, disinfectant, ear buds, fabric conditioner, some cake papers (deep ones)

My mum went away to spend time with my aunt and uncle and went visiting "the bruvvers" last week and had a lovely time which I am pleased about. (Mum is one of 10).   Whilst there she was given a old box which used to belong to my granddad (mum's dad) by one of her younger brothers and I will give more details in a separate post about this, but it has proved very interesting, enlightning and emotional.

After shopping we called in for a MacDonalds - I was surprised as I hadn't realised my mum liked them, but it would appear that when my Dad was with us they used to regularly call in for a burger, so that was a nice treat and mum really enjoyed hers.

We then spent a couple of hours with her at home before coming away, pottering about and helping her get her purchases put away, talking all the time just enjoying each other's company and I have really enjoyed myself too.  Mum then presented me with a pressie a lap top support for putting under my computer, so that it is not directly on my legs - and its brilliant - its stopped it sliding all over the place - its well cool.

On the way back home we nipped into the freezer shop for a few bits and when we got in I then had to re-arrange the freezer to get it all in, so I have some cooking to do tomorrow with the bits I took out to get the new stuff in?  I have the big freezer to sort out this week.

Anyway I am going to get on for now.

Take care wherever you are




  1. Sounds like you've had a wonderful day. I wish I looked forward to seeing my Mom as much...
    Though amazingly my Mom likes to have a McChicken sandwich occasionally!
    My bruvver gave me a laptop support a couple of months ago - you're quite right it makes it much easier on the legs :o)
    Have a wonderful Sunday Trishia.

  2. Thank you Rose hope you have a good day too. Treasure your mum whilst you have her, even sometimes when its hard to do. That's what makes them who they are.




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