Wednesday, 7 September 2011

2011.09.07 My Day

Well its certainly been a very busy day.  I had a lay in this morning, the first lay in of the holiday.  The dustmen were due to call today so OH started operation Leylandi and started re-shaping what was a bush - now an overgrown tree back into a bush again.  So quite a bit of that has gone down in the brown bin to the landfill site.  There is still plenty more to go but that will be tackled in due course.  This week is just flying by and I don't seem to have made much of an impression, but hey still have a few days to go not back at work until next Wednesday.  Up until today I haven't had five minutes to myself so it has been good to be with very good friends.

I then popped into town, did a little shopping and then met up with two of my really good friends and went back to the home of one of them had a good chinwag drank lots of tea and generally had a really good time.  OH then came and collected me, went to the shop, obtained milk and biccies and then on to the Psychic & Spiratual Fellowship monthly meeting, where I help out on the Committee and also on the practical side in the kitchen and general setting up etc.  It has been a lovely evening with International Medium and Teacher at the Arthur Findlay College  Simone Keys demonstrating with extremely accurate information.  It has been a very good evening. Interested  in what the Fellowship does then check out this link here:

So I have just literally landed on the computer, I have the cat hugging my knee and not wanting to move far from my side.  I am going to have to get myself something to eat and will then probably have an early night as I am quite tired and I have lots to do tomorrow.

The weather has been blooming awful a proper hoolie and its been rough again this evening I thought at one point we had got shot of it but it has come back.

Take care wherever you are keep warm safe and sound.  [hugs to everyone]

Will catch up again soon.


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  1. Hi Pattypan,

    Sounds like you are very busy, but good that you've had a nice time with friends.

    It's certainly feeling like Autumn here, a real chill in the air tonight...

    Take care & enjoy the rest of your time off.

    Kay :)


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