Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bit tight on the old purse strings this week

Funds have been a bit tight this week - end of month syndrome have run out of a few things and have not been able to replace them.  However, all is not lost just have had to make the money go where it will and not be able to take advantage of any offers - but still managed to get what I needed food wise.  But then I went armed with a list for the real bits I needed which were as follows:

Small bottle of Sunflower oil
Bread Buns x 4 (for Saturday snack)
Bread loaf (only because OH had finished my home made loaf and hadn't told me  -another one on the go)
Fish for tea  (4 portions on special offer normally would make two meals but last night we blew the lot)
2 x 6 pint bottles of mil
Pot of creme fraiche
3 pots of yogurt for
Box of Weetabix
Tea Bags 280 on offer for
Tray of Eggs  (unusually we had run right out) This will last me a couple of weeks unless I do a big bake
Vegetables and fruit: carrots  x 2, cabbage, califlower, romanesco, parsnips, tomatoes, cooking apples -bramleys (reduced 3 x 50pence bags at least 2lb apples in each bag)  apple pie or chutney not sure yet or Eve's pudding. Sweet Potato 1kg . Punnet of Strawberries

So I didn't do too badly.  This is just like a general shop - meat is bought separately and budgeted for separately whenever we can get a reasonable deal from the Butchers like 5 rib eye steaks for £18 or so.  They are frozen down and bought out for a perk me up meal or a special occasion.

I have onions and potatoes in stock although will soon need another bag of spuds

This little variety means that we will eat decent food during the week - good English comfort food as armed with the few bits I have in the pantry and the freezers we should not do too badly and when I get paid I will hopefully be able to top up a bit more on carefully selected items at the right price.  I think a trip to Lidl or Aldi is on the cards once I get paid.

Depending on the weather proposed menus for this week are (although they could be changed at the last moment)

Sunday Chicken for Roast Dinner
Monday cold cuts with bubble and squeak carcass for making soup stock
Tuesday Toad in the hole with mashed potato, cabbage and onion gravy.
Wednesday Beef  and vegetable stew
Thursday Lasagna
Friday Fish n Chips.
(or we could end up having Cauliflower or Romanesco Cheese)
With the tomatoes I intend to make some more passata (to be bottled) and also some roasted tomato soup and some French Onion Soup.
As I have the chicken carccass to make fresh stock - waste not want not.

I also have the Pantry to overhaul today to see what I am short of (seem to have a baked bean shortage but tons of tins of tomatoes) so I have lots to do as per usual but then I was bought up with the phrase idle hands make the devils work. 

Catch you all later


  1. I know that feeling well Trish, I have £8 50p left for the next week, although I do have everything I need for the weeks meals.

    I did a joint of gammon in the pressure cooker and then crisped the fat with mustard and brown sugar, used the liquor to make leek and potato soup which I will freeze.

    Iam sure you will get through to pay day.

    Love and hugs,


  2. with you on this one - no pay this month AGAIN[as no supply teaching in august or early september]Start to make an Eve's pudding with neighbour's gift of windfall apples. then had a brainwave - if I put it in a deeper dish of smaller circumference, I'd use less sponge topping - so reserved enough sponge mix to make 4 fairy cakes for tomorrow's tea.Unlike you,
    I have plenty of beans - but only one can tomatoes left! May make beanz soup [liquidise a can, thin down with a little water and ketchup, season well, sprinkle herbs on top,serve with homemade soda bread]
    really enjoying your blog! weekend blessings x

  3. Hi Anne,

    I concentrated on the basics like the gas and electric they were paid for before I went food shopping. Probably wisest this way so that the basics are covered. When I did go shopping there were good bargains to be had but I had to be strict and selective and keep to my shopping list. I was a little more flexible with the veggies though as they are good for you and overall we eat more veggies than meat. I also tend to freeze down what I don't think I am going to use so I don't waste too much in the long run. That's why I take advantage of the offers at the veg shop with the fruit and veg. Primarly with the tomatoes, apples pears and plums. There is always something you can do to pad out a meal i.e. a yorkshire pudding, stuffing, have a soup for starters like carrot and coriander or french onion soup or home made tomato or creamed chicken soup. It doesn't always have to be about the meat although having some meat is nice - we have cut back on quantities though.And juggling is becoming second nature these days and I am far luckier than a lot of folks. As long as we have a roof over our heads, food in our belly and warmth we won't go too far wrong anything else is a bonus. Your ham should be delicious and the soup will be lovely made from the stock. I am so glad you fell lucky with the landshare garden I think you and Edwin were born natural gardeners. Love the new patchwork blocks by the way they look lovely. Love and hugs to both you and Edwin. Miss you up there in Scotland Take care



  4. Hi Angela

    So sorry you have had no work -things must be very difficult - good idea with the sponge, gives you a bit of a treat and a little boost. Out of curiosity have you been looking in the hedgerows for crab apples and wilding apples as they make a good pureed sauce which you can sweeten up and keep in the freezer or bottle. You could then add a pot to a cake mixture and have apple sauce cake as a treat every so often or a pudding to pad out your main meal and help you feel a little more full. I hope things turn round for you soon. [hugs]



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