Friday, 2 September 2011

Bramble Cassis

I make Bramble Cassis in a very organic bung it all in fashion very simply by using a large litre  sterilised preserving jar.  Into this I pop at least half way up of fruit (I break the fruit down with brambles as they go mushy anyway as they macerate in a separate bowl) but first of all I measure half the jar full with fruit and then tip into a bowl and mash them up with either a potato masher or a fork. and then tip the mashed fruit back into the jar. (bit messy and I did say it was an organic way of dealing with it).

I then tip in the smaller size of a bottle of vodka (not a litre) together with about 1 oz of sugar.  I leave for about six weeks (keeping the jar in a dark cupboard out of the way so it does not lose its colour).  I then strain through fine muslin decanting the juice into a fresh jar at this stage.  Its important to taste the liqueur at this point.  I have found with home made liqueur's that some of them are too sweet for my palate so I tend to temper the recipe this way on.    If the liqueur is sweet enough for your liking , bottle it into a sterilised bottle and then bring out in the winter months for a quick nip to warm you up now and again.  It is wonderful for a very sore throat as is blackcurrant Cassis or Bramble Whisky. You can experiment with the different spirits to find which works best for you. It also makes a nice Christmas present or a nice addition to the pantry during the winter months.  Very warming.

If it is not sweet enough add a little more sugar to the jar (say half a dessertspoon but certainly small increments)and swirl the contents round daily until the sugar has dissolved and then taste again  and see whether you want it really sweet or like it just as is or whether you need more sugar adding.  You just repeat the latter process until it is sweet enough for your palate.  

You can also add Cassis to white wine or Champagne as well as fruit salads, mousses etc. 


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  1. Just had a catch up of your last 3 posts I so admire all the things you make ...your home must be a wonderful place at Christmas. I do make a Christmas cake and mince pies and I used to do puddings. When I was first married I used to do a Boxing day party with all home made items like Raised pies and pates but sadly nowadays few appreciate the work and flavours ...I hope your friends and family do. Had to smile the other week when serving cold cooked Bacon/gammon I had boiled with my own selection of spices and veg for flavour friend said it was gorgeous and where did I buy it ...I said I had cooked it ...she looked bemused sad I thought.


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