Thursday, 1 September 2011


I am missing in action decanting some flavoured vinegars that I have made into their clean new bottles after being strained through muslin.  I currently have mint vinegar draining through the muslin - I do a few bottles of this each year and then add it to my preserved mint sauce to pep up the flavour a bit more and it is a condiment ready made which doesn't need much messing.  I think I will get the vinegars out of the way first and then start on the oils.  I have elderberry to decant too.  I did have some bramble vinegar too but I think OH knocked this over and demolished it.

I have quite a bit of decanting to do on the spirit side too including Cherry Brandy which I am quite partial too. Looks as though I am going to be busy for the next few nights or so. Well it will keep me out of mischief.

I have also started some orange vinegar cleaner off too making use of all those orange rinds that I peeled the other day.  Some of the peel is also drying on my dresser at the moment for use in casseroles during the colder months.  No doubt I will have some more peels during the next few weeks too so will probably make some candied peel too and also crystallised orange peel to eat as a sweetmeat come Christmas.

I am off to do some more straining.

Catch you all later



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  1. Cor, you're always on the go! It all sounds SO lovely :o)
    The dried orange peels are also excellent for use as a fire lighter. We used to dry ours in the hearth to use the next morning :o)


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