Sunday, 18 September 2011

Introducing Dimitri

Well he is still with us - making himself very much at home; he isn't going out very much preferring to be in the house with us humans and pets. He is slowly gravitating through the house room by room.  He started in the bathroom, then the kitchen, dining room and tonight he has come into the lounge.  He has eaten - chicken (this cat has expensive tastes) doesn't want to eat any cat food.  Is no bother and seems to be coming to terms with Missy - he initiated interaction earlier this evening and wsent to sniff Missy and OH had them both feeding on chicken scraps sat side by side.  Early days yet but I am hopeful. He is a big cat, but he needs filling out a bit, although here he is tidier than he was when I took him in.  A Handsome Puss has to look his best at all costs especially when being photographed.

Anyway some photographs of the young man in question.

He has even stopped to pose

Anyway he seems to have settled down for a while - so far no ructions, just an excited Jack Russell who wants to lick and dick his ears at all costs.

Squeak is cuddled up too both are in the same room.

Catch you all later.




  1. oh he is lovely!! how could someone leave him behind, i just cannot understand people doing that! (Grr) Lucky for him that you are compassionate, his future is now bright.

    Leanne xx

  2. Hi ladies

    He is a lovely fellow, quite placid but very nervous he is starting to relax and settle in, although he doesn't want to eat cat food at the moment. Quite partial to chicken (human food not the cat food variety). Any ideas on how I can re-train him - he is obviously very hungry but will not eat what we put down for him. Turns his snout up and results in wasted food.



  3. Don't know how I missed this post? Dimitri is gorgeous! He's certainly settling in well with you all :o)
    I'd mix cat food with the chicken and gradually decrease the quantity of chicken and increase the cat food. I've often wondered just why cats are such fussy eaters? When we had Sid at first she'd eat anything put in front of her - but now it's quite a different story, what we eat with relish today is a dish of poison next time round!


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