Friday, 23 September 2011

Orange Mousse from a Jar of Marmalade


1/3 of a 454 g jar of orange marmalade
300ml natural yogurt
250ml carton creme fraiche

In a food processor put the marmalade with the yogurt and creme fraiche whizz together.  Pop into dishes and chill until ready to serve.

Now how easy is that. 



P.S. It tastes nice too


  1. Pattypan, I've just done a blog post about Hedgerow Gin and found in you my exploration to learn more about it. I must say your blog it utterly charming! I completely love it. It feels like cuddling up in a cozy arm chair with some tea. I'll be visting you regularly!

  2. Hi Toni, have had a peep at your blog - you have the right idea about the hedgerow gin. You use what you have to hand. Before the days of supermarkets country people used to put up what they could in the pantry especially if they lived in the villages. These little tipples were often classed as medicinal but it was also part of something special for the festivities to to hand to a guest or guests on a cold winters night. Soon invigorated the spirit and the soul. Country wines were also very much on the agenda, but in those days too people used to grow their own a lot more and often had a surplus which had to be used up in one way or another. Glad you like my blog and look forward to you posting too. Take care and welcome



  3. Thank you Pattypan! I've actually amended my blog post with your information as a post script. I'm so glad to learn more! Have included a link to your blog as well! Thank you for taking the time to share this.


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