Thursday, 8 September 2011

What do you keep on your Kitchen windowsill?

I only have a tiny galley kitchen with only a very tiny window and in fact much of my cooking equipment is actually kept in the dressers in the dining room rather than the kitchen per se itself.  Therefore any space is always at a premium  the windowsill included.  Until recently it had some preserves stored there temporarily but they have been relocated.  Currently it is hosting my lemon, orange and vinegar vinegars for cleaning, together with some clean pop bottles ( they will be used in the next few days or so as I am going to get some Ginger Beer on the go and also some Apple pop) The blackberry wine is busy bubbling merrily away on the bathroom windowsill at present although if space becomes available on the kitchen window sill It could end up there yet! . I also leave my yogurt to work on the windowsill  (I have an Easy Yo flask that you just tip boiling water into).  Its an ever changing scene a useful extra space where things will not necessarily get knocked over.  I also keep excess fresh picked herbs in a little jar of water there too and occasionally a kitchen plant.

I am intending to have a go at some sourdough at some point for which I will have to make the sourdough starter which will also go onto the window ledge to get going.  But that is for another day.

Do you use your kitchen windowsills and what do you use it for or am I just an oddity making use of any available space to me.

Right must get on I have a carrier bag of elderberries to process.

Catch you later




  1. I'm afraid my kitchen windowsill is full of cobalt blue glass - lots of it!

  2. Why am I not surprised! Nice one Rose you and your blue and blue and white. Bet it looks pretty in the sunlight.



  3. I don't have a windowsill in the kitchen, sadly. The Preserving Book arrived today from The Book People, very interesting and so glad I bought it! Thanks for posting about it, Tricia.


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