Monday, 3 October 2011

Apple Pie Mould/Press

I bought one of these during the week after saving for a few weeks £1 her 50 pence there.  Ok so it did not cost a great amount, but having little treats like this is for me a bonus when most of the money is allocated  for other purposes.  Plus the fact it has been truly earned, with the saving a little here and a little there it makes you appreciate things more as the hard work in attaining them makes them more "valuable".

I thought it might be different to be able to present apple pies in a different format for a change. - well it would certainly be a topic of concersation,  I obtained this from Lakeland.  They do a small round pie cutter with a lattice top too.

 You cut the pastry out thisway on

then place the pastry  in the mould and add your filling bring the two plates together and crimp.

Then take your pasty out of the mould and put on a baking tray to cook or put in the freezer until a later day,

Something else to play with.

Catch you all later



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