Saturday, 8 October 2011

A bag of Crisps and a Potato

Crisps are a moreish snack that we quite frequently buy a lot of and sometimes at over 60 pence a bag it makes me wonder whether we have our priorities right in this respect or not.  Don't misunderstand me I like Crisps as much as the next man but I only buy them these days if there is a really good offer on.

When I tell people that I buy a sack of potatoes for two of us and they say to me  oh we buy a small bag there are just the two of us we wouldn't use a sack of potatoes its too much for us.  You would be very surprised at how quickly a sack of potatoes goes down.  I have been paying about £6 for a big sack of potatoes that bag lasts us approximately 7 weeks and we don't have potatoes every day.  People quite readily moan that they do not have the funds to buy this or that but quite readily go out and buy crisps and pay over 60 pence a bag and yet there is less than one medium sized potato in that bag.  Something is not quite adding up somwhere especially when it is the pennies that make the pounds.

What do you think


  1. I think ! Slice a potato really , really thin . Leave to soak in cold water 'till all the starch is out , dry carefully and thoroughly , drop into really hot fat and hey O , the freshest crisp ever and more than you would get in a bag of Walkers .

    Me ! I love a crisp sandwich ,

  2. I wonder if you have seen the Lakeland microwave crisp maker?

    Apparently it's been a big seller over the summer, and I have seen it featured in the press saying what a good product it is.

    I think it costs around £7 and is basically a ring of plastic with slots all the way around that you stand sliced potatoes, or any other root veg you want to make crisps from, in.

    Then it's just a few minutes in the microwave and, so they say, you have tasty fat free crisps.

    I keep eyeing one up myself, but not yet taken the plunge!

  3. Hi Cottonreel my thoughts exactly but the other question is would you pay 60pence for one medium sized potato. I have made my own crisps before and they are yummy.


    I have a crisp maker that I got from QVC some years ago - in fact I have two racks which are square. I had seen the round one in Lakeland when I was in there the other day. They make very good crisps, and they are very handy for dips etc. Go indulge, you know you want to.

    Take care ladies

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