Sunday, 2 October 2011

Charity Shop Finds - Green Glass

When I went to collect my crotchet tablecloth yesterday morning, I had a roam around the charity shop to see if anything else took my fancy and I found these glasses on the shelf for £1.80. They are pale green cut glass.  I particularly collect this pale green glass in the hope of making it a larger collection eventually, the idea being that I will be able to have it all out at Christmas to complement my Colclough Ivy China pieces (I am still collecting this as well).  That's the overall plan, anyway. I love pretty things - I suppose I collect anything and everything that takes my fancy, but I do love Green glass.

My interest in green glass was sparked after inheriting a set of six cut glass, liqueur glasses from my grandmother.  Therefore whenever I see any green glass if I can afford it I always try and snaffle it.  It always looks so elegant.

It was also an unexpected bonus to be able to bring two lovely items home.

Now I just need to find somewhere to display it all! 

Is there anything in particular that you are collecting piece by piece or little by little  - go on share I would love to know

One day - Roses round the door Cottage or barn conversion and the simpler way of life which is currently work in progress.  Little by little I am getting there.




  1. Idon't know about collecting but my husband used to call me a magpie.
    According to what magazine I'm reading , I like vintage , shabby chic ,nothing over the top modern . My true weakness is bed linen .

  2. Hi Cottonreel. I too am a bit of a magpie/squirrel - I too like nice china, nice linen, especially proper vintage cotton/linen. I am not too keen on over the top modern either but there is the occasional piece I like. I too like shabby chic and bringing several things together in a simple scheme. Its a lovely way to enjoy things and make use of them.

    Take care




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