Monday, 3 October 2011

Evening Everyone

Evening ladies and gents

Hope your day has been a happy and busy one.  I have had a very busy day at work which is par for the course.

I am cat sitting again with my feline friend Tiddles.  His Mum/Owner has gone to the seaside for the day and I have been left in charge.  She went out over the weekend to, so every few hours I was going over to play and keep him amused.  Tonight though he has taken the net curtains down in both windows and I cannot get up to put them back.  He had been dragging some string around it was between three rooms and I found this up near the window so I can only assume that he has got it taffled round the nets pulled and bought the lot down.  Yesterday it was a sponge ball that he had torn to pieces and I had to get the vaccum out to clean up.  I was fretting a bit yesterday as Gizmo (a cockatiel) has free range in the flat and I found feathers in a couple of places as though the cat had got hold of him.  My concern was not necessary though as Gizmo is malting and removing his own feathers.  Tiddles was not to blame on this occasion, but I was dreading have to report an incident when she came back.

I thought I would report in early this evening as I have a lot of things to do.  We have the meter man coming at the end of the week and I have to do a little tidying up.  I also have an ironing pile to do.  Tis a big pity when real life gets in the way - like HOUSEWORK especially when I am really in the mood to play.  Well the playing will have to wait for another day at the moment.

Must get some tea first.

Hopefully will be able to pop back later



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