Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday Walk - Different route

There are about three ways we can go with the dog; all variants on the same route.  The walk we went on yesterday is the higher walk - today's walk was the middle route and there is also a walk down by the river.  Parts of the routes are communal and somewhere or another they run alongside as well, but each has different scenery and different routes. Whilst out I picked some more rosehips and also started to pick up some twigs to make some Christmas ornaments and also some wild rose bush leaves {I will do a separate post on these later on).  All will be revealed in due course.  Today's walk led us through the boardwalks a secret place down by the river - which is now very peaceful.  At one point there were a lot of youngsters having parties down there at the weekends.  Nobody minded them enjoying themselves unfortunately they caused a lot of damage down there.  It is after all a wildlife area and they were leaving all their rubbish down there, building fires and ripping out pieces of wood off the boardwalks itself and the handrails thus making it very dangerous for other walkers.  But today there wasn't a sign of them and the damage has been repaired and peace and quite has been restored.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves but just because I live in a City doesn't mean that there are no nice areas there are but they are in little pockets of sanity.

These are just a selection of the photographs that I took there are still many more.




  1. This looks a lovely walk and looks as though you are really in the country. You still have sunshine as well - it's still warm here but was very cloudy yesterday. I think our wonderful Indian summer is drawing to a close.


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