Sunday, 4 December 2011


It's cold here in Peterborough today  - very cold.  I will put the heating on in a bit but at the moment I am moving about so I have a  thick jumper on and the tumble drier is also doing double duty getting the quilt I have just washed dry and then it will be aired.  I am currently nursing a hot mug of tea.  I did get up earlier but didn't feel too clever and got myself a mug of hot ribena and a couple of paracetamol and went back under the covers for a little while.  I am now up and ready to get on with things everything is slowly going back into the Pantry nearly finished.  Phew.  But when that is finished it's on to a few more things in the kitchen cooking wise.  We are having  later on a roast chicken with all the trimmings i.e. bread sauce, stuffing and probably some Yorkshire Puds as well with Mash, Roasts and veg.  I also want to get my last batch of ginger beer on and also some apple pop.    Must remember to get the fresh yeast out of the Freezer.  Will see how we go.  Then its finish the bedroom off by making the bed with fresh linen and quilts I like to be able to snuggle. I still have loads to do but at least I have made a big start.

Catch up later on - at least I am nearly out of the Pantry.



1 comment:

  1. It's freezing here too!

    Hope you've had a nice day!

    Keep warm!

    Kay :)


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