Saturday, 28 January 2012

2012.01.38 My Day

This morning did not start with an auspicious start -someone thumping on the door downstairs and by the time you get something on to cover your modesty, and get downstairs of course the culprit has scarpered.  However he had poked through a delivery card for collection from the main sorting office counter!  To make matters worse it wasn't even for us!

I really had not wanted to get out of bed - I was in the middle of a delicious dream and now for the life of me can't remember what it was all about.  You know when you have a feeling that things were good and you can't shift it.  That's the feeling I have been left with all day.  I wonder if my dream will continue tonight!  Needless to say once roused I could not go back to sleep so I got up.  This all happened at 8 a.m.

It has been a beautiful sunny day here in Peterborough.  Cold but at least the sun was out.  It says something when you go outside and it is perishing and then you come back into the house which has had no heat for 24 hours and it still feels warmer in the house than outside

OH disappeared to our Pork Butchers and got 2 fillet steaks, 2 large gammon slices, 4 faggotts, 1kg chipolatas, 1kg smoked back bacon, a pork pie.  The Chipolatas that we didn't use have been bagged into portions and popped into the freezer for another day

The Plumber came  about 10.00 a.m and did not go until 3.00 p.m.  He was getting near his wits end with trying to work out what had happened but in the end problem solved.  Result one happy plumber and restored heat!  .I sent him away with a jar of my homemade Seville Marmalade as a small thank you.  There was all sorts of colourful language emanating from my jam store under the stairs.  He was getting very cross with himself.  He is Irish and he reminded me very much of the actor who plays "Mrs Brown" in Mrs Browns boys.  Which always makes me roar with laughter.  We are all now toasty and warm and I am chilling and just enjoying being in the moment.

Once he had gone the heating was put on pretty pronto and OH did a cooked breakfast  albeit in the middle of the afternoo which was absolutely delicious.

I have been over to the veg shop.  We needed a sack of potatoes so I have had a new one delivered.  This time they are Cara potatoes with a note on "Trish - paid for please deliver after 4.00 p.m.".  I also bought another tray of eggs, some leeks, butternut squash, swede, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, a Savoy cabbage, 2kg Seville Oranges (to make Ginger Marmalade), 3kg Cooking apples. I picked up some Curly Kale from Waitrose on Friday and also some prepared runner beans from M & S.

Most of my washing has been done  now all I have to do is iron it as soon as I can.

I  do now at some point have to re-arrange and tidy out my jam store - which is where the gas piping and the meter were.  It needed sorting anyway so I might well do that tomorrow morning when I have a bit more time to hand and when I feel more in the mood to do it, but it will be a job well done when completed.

Last night I went to my friend's house and taught her how to make a Swiss Roll, which cake mixture literally just consists of eggs, sugar and flour - no fat at all.. They are pretty easy to make.  We made two Swiss Rolls and filled both and she was quite chuffed to have learnt another method of baking.  The fatless sponge method is a good way of providing a quickly made cake for tea or for making a sweet flan to fill with fruit and jelly  Whilst there she handed to me a little gift she had bought a while back for me, which had come about after I had told her that I learned to cook with the aid of my Mum's Be Ro booklet.  My friend had given me the book and I had forgotten to bring it home with me.  I have been reading it in between waiting for the gas leak to be repaired  and some of the recipes are old favourites which I am looking forward to re-introducing myself to.  The Be-Ro booklet is still available if you want to purchase one the link is here

I am going to do the Marmalade cake tomorrow and probably will also make some Malt Loaf and Brack.  We like tea loaves in this house as they are handy to eat with butter as quick snack with some cheese and apple.

Tomorrow we are not having a joint.  It was Burns night during the week and I was out that evening and I had managed to get some Haggis earlier on in the week.  So we are having that for tomorrow nights tea, with Neeps and Tatties.  Its not everyone's cup of tea but we quite like it.

Right I am off to potter

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  1. I'm pleased that your heating is back on - but not nearly as pleased as you I bet!
    Your comment about Mrs Browns boys made me chuckle, we only 'discovered' Mrs Brown over Christmas as my brother recommeded watching it, we think it's hillarious :o)
    Don't forget to pop over to Second hand Rose and leave a comment Trishia for my giveaway as entries close at midnight Sunday....I'd love you to enter :o)
    Keep warm and enjoy a lie-in in the morning!
    Rose H


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