Thursday, 5 January 2012

Foodie Secret

I have a  confession to make I have a foodie secret.  I am partial to Birds Eye Chicken Dippers  and when they are on offer I will buy a few boxes in and pop them in the freezer and we normally have them cooked served with lashings of sweet chilli sauce.

Tonight however I have done things rather differently.  I had some tortillas in the pantry and some salad  I have therefore cooked the dippers in the oven, warmed through the tortillas and then added salad to the pancake together with the chicken dippers, salad cream and chilli sauce. Wrapped them up (we have had two each) and they have gone down a treat

For pudding we have had some Honeydew melon served in large wedges and then sprinkled with sugar and a little ginger.  Has gone down very  nicely thank you very much.

Do you have any foodie secrets - go on tell.

Catch you soon



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  1. Ha ha, only one! When I was expecting our youngest I struggled to keep anything down except for those Vesta dried curry things ...... I'll still buy on the odd occasion when I spot them!


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