Saturday, 14 January 2012

Good morning Brggh its Freezing

This part of the country has woken up to its real major frost of this winter so far.  I have been up for some while, but not it is 11.20 a.m. and the frost as white as white as can be is hugging everything it clinged to the night before. Looks spectacular but ooh its cold although the sun is out.

Fortunately the heating had come on so I didn't come down to a freezing house this morning.  Unfortunately being meagre with the heating would literally seize me up so we do tend to have it on if I go cold.  With me having Raynauds Syndrome I feel the changes in temperature before anyone else and I have found if I get too cold then I am poorly.  We cannot be doing with that with me being the only one working so I have to be sensible and do everything on a   On average we are using £15 electric per week and £15 to £20 with the gas, although we do go up to £25.  If it is generally mild like it was earlier in the week the heating hardly goes on so we are pretty sensible about this.  I have a small electric oven that we tend to use just for the two of us doing the week and I really only put the gas cooker on if I am doing a lot of cooking and baking and I can fill the oven each time.  I intend to do some baking this afternoon.  I have some eating apples to use up and I thought I would make some apple scone and I have a recipe for an apple cake which I would like to try.  I haven't been to the shops yet either.  So am off on my travels and will play catch up later.

Have a good day wherever you are




  1. its frosty here in my corner of Cheshire as well, my 2 dogs who generally DONT like the cold LOVE the frost!! So brisk walk no 2 coming up xx

  2. We've not had any frost this Winter so far, but the wind is cold today!

    Stay warm!

    Kay :)

  3. We woke up to a hard frost too, and like you, only have the heating on when it's really necessary (though I don't suffer from Raynaud's as you do). We do have the wood-burner though, so tend to huddle round that in the afternoons and evenings.

    One of my New Year's "determinations" is to stay in touch with old friends. You are definitely one of those.


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