Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Nan's Stool

When my Nan passed I asked if I could have her kitchen stool and my request was granted.  It is not a particularly prepossessing piece of furniture but it is old and it does hold a lot of memories for me. Apparently originally it had a seagrass top but when the top disintegrated the eyelet holes were chopped off and a solid board seat was added with some vellum to cover it.  This is now well battered and it is overdue refurbishment.  The stool has barley twist legs.  The wooden stain was almost none existent and it had gone white and I have started to stain it again with an eye to re-varnishing it and also putting on a soft furnishing seat.  I have some rust coloured furnishing fabric, a patchwork remnant that I picked up which I think will suit the stool well.  I too use this battered old stool for sitting on when I am processing fruit and vegetables for the freezer or processing my onions for pickling.  I have never recovered anything like this  before so it will be a strong learning curve. I have a sheet of sponge, which I intend to put some wadding and then a calico cover over and then finally the velour top and studs to finish it off.  Smarten it up and make it comfy for me when I sit for prolonged periods of time processing fruit and veg.

Will have to see how we get on

Catch you soon




  1. I'm sure that it will look very nice when it's finished - I have my Nan's old leather pouffe (hope I've spelt that correctly!) I used to love to play on it and to build domino towers on it, 50 years ago when I was little, my children did the same and now my grandchildren play on it - I think it will last forever the way it's going.....Good luck with your project xx

  2. What a dear stool, with so many treasured memories. I'm confident you'll make a great job of recovering it, and continue to treasure and use it.
    Rose h


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