Saturday, 11 February 2012


Hope you are all keeping well.  Well it did snow last night and it was very slippy this morning, but the main roads were clear even if some of the side roads were not.  It has been very cold all day and it is bitter again here tonight although a lot of last night's snow has melted and dissipated.

Ealrier on this I was lucky to pick up some passion fruit 8 fruits for 50 pence so I bought 4 packs. I am not totally sure that they are in season but as I explained in an earlier post its about making the most of what comes your way.  I consider this a  bargain, but since I acquired them I have been very busy and not had chance to process them.

This evening I got to play not how I wanted to but a small play all the same. I processed the passion fruit (I wish you could smell the exotic aroma my kitchen smells wonderful as do my hands.  All I have done is frozen the passion fruit juice in ice cube trays.  (When I paid a visit to Australia over 26 years ago, I was introduced to passion fruit pavlova).  I just love meringue but the combination of the two is to die for (well I think so anyway).  I intend to make my own pavlova or smaller meringues and fill with cream and then use a couple at least of the frozen passion fruit cubes liberally topping the pavlova.  Well that's the plan; so if you ever find a bunch of reduced passion fruit - freeze the juice. I had 32 passion fruit in all.  You could also use the fruit on a home made passion fruit brulee.  I do have a recipe that I want to try at some point which uses passion fruit and I will post this at a later date, but I thought if I shared then at least (even if I am not able to make this year) if the opportunity comes your way its something else special for the pantry/larder shelves to bring out at Christmas or other special occasions needless to say its alcoholic!  I am going to have another look to see if I can get some more as I quite like the idea of passion fruit and lemon curd or passion fruit ice cream now that I think would be scrummy.

I also managed to sort one of my dressers out this evening and give it a tidy up.  I had dried some bay leaf branches on the dresser and I managed to pull the leaves off the stems and pop the leaves in a jar ready for use in cooking, which is another quick job out of the way.

I was given a load of Douwe Egberts coffee jars in the week and I have used them already. Hopefully there will be some more in a few weeks time. I have been using these and the large Kenco jars by recycling them to use as storage containers for food items which is a cheapie way of obtaining useful food storage.  I am still adding to my Kilner storage jars though when I can, as my dream is to one day have a far bigger very full organised pantry.

Well tomorrow is another day catch you all soon



P.S.  Rumour has it that Pattypan has managed to pick up a further three bags of passion fruit today for £1.50 - that's another 24 passion fruit!  Guess where they are going?  Happy Days!





  2. I kove passion fruit - and the story of the passion flower too [check out here]

    looking forward to hearing more of your lovely Douwe Egbert storage jars!

    weekend blessings- keep warm x


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