Thursday, 15 March 2012

My Day

Despite the Pea Souper this morning, today has been a busy day at work. I normally meet my friend on a Thursday for lunch but this week she wasn't available, but I will see her again next week.  It was bitterly cold this morning on the way to work, although I ended up having a warm stretch in the office and ended up taking off my purple jumper; popping it on just before I left the office this evening (I was late 5.45 p.m again). I am glad I did as it was freezing again when I did get out.

We have had chicken curry and rice together with home made chapattis for tea and it went down very well; the curry was a little hot for me - I don't like it over hot but it was very tasty.

 I have another busy day tomorrow.  Hopefully we will have the car back tomorrow night; I am hoping to have another bash at the back garden again this weekend so Iheres hping the weather cooperates is good enough for me to get stuck in and do a bit more.  Need to get the heavyweight gloves out to deal with the brambles, some of which need to be potted up to transplant further down the garden as though although self seeded they have produced some very nice big juicy berries. I am a bit partial to bramble and apple pie or sponge.  I also need to sort the garden shed  out but the main impetus is the garden itself.

Demetri is out of the count; Squeak is ready for bed, so it is up the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire for me.

I am feeling very unsettled again; I think there is a lot of changes to come for everyone I just hope they are for the best in the long run.

Nighty night make sure the bed bugs don't bite

Catch you soon



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