Saturday, 10 March 2012

Saturday 10 March 2012

It has been a busy day here in Peterborough.  The weather has been lovely it started off nice and sunny and then clouded over for a little while.  A proper spring morning and with the re-appearance of the sun it makes everything much more cheerful somehow.  A day where I decided that I was going to start on the back garden and give it a bit of a spring clean.  But before tackling the garden I had things to do.

I went shopping first thing to the Charity shop and espied quite a few goodies as usual, but being ever practical I opted for items that I could use and be useful to me.  Hence a white Pyrex mixing bowl, 4 little ramekin pots and a sponge flan tin (one of those sponges you buy for putting jelly fruit and jello in) came home too.  I just love going to the charity shop preferably armed with some money but often just for a good look round.

I then descended on the veg shop primarily to get a tray of eggs but she didn't have one apart from 18 eggs and I came home with them.  Eggs have gone up for a tray of 30 to £3 or so and they are charging £3.99 over at the Asian shop.  All because the corn the hens are fed on has gone up; and another increase is due within the next few weeks.  Still reasonable as you can do a lot, but you have to be realistic in this day and age and it still works out cheaper in the long run as you have much more scope with what to make.

I also came back with a sack of spuds Cara 25kg for £6 and a smaller bag of red Desiree 10kg for £3.  They have just been delivered and will keep me going for a few weeks or so (on average we get through a sack of spuds in five to six weeks - and that's not with cooking every night either). OH also likes baked potatoes a lot so this will give him something to go at.  I already have the onions in for now but will need another bag in a week or so.

I also bought sweet potato, parsnip, squash, cauliflower, cabbage, two bags reduced sweet Italian peppers at 50 pence a bag.  Some destined for the freezer and some for a Focaccia.  Celery, purple sprouting broccoli, two swedes, carrots, red onions, two bunches spring onions, tomatoes.  So I have topped up quite a bit and some of it is destined for the freezer so that we can have roasties during the summer months as well.  I also intend to prepare what is left of the old sack of potatoes and do home made mash which can then be cooked and butter and milk added to.  I do not intend to waste anything at all if I can help it.

Since then I have got on with the gardening and it is starting to come together.  Still haven't finished in the herb area as have pots to sort out and a lot of rubbish to boot.  So if weather is nice tomorrow will be carrying on where I have left off today.  I have however enjoyed being out in the fresh air.  Once I get the garden sorted and seeds started off etc  I can then start on spring cleaning the house.  But first the garden is being spring cleaned!

We have had simple homely fair for tea tonight home made chips, baked beans bread and butter and fried egg.  It has gone down well and we have both enjoyed a fairly simple tea - no meat in sight!  We have also had an early tea as I am off to the Spiritualist Church for a service supporting my friend, mentor and Teacher Jackie Lesley as she is conducting the Saturday night service.  I am being collected at 6.30 p.m.

Hopefully I will be back for a further post later on, but if not I will catch you all tomorrow.

Take care wherever you have been and I hope your day has been happy and full of contentment.



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  1. Hi Pattypan
    The weather's been lovely here too on the East Coast of Suffolk. So I've spent some time in the garden.

    I hear from different people about the price of eggs these days, I'm so glad I have my own chickens. I sell the excess eggs for £1 a half dozen, so the girls pay for themselves, as I keep all the egg money in jar and use it to buy their layers pellets, corn etc.

    I need to Spring clean indoors too but like you must get the garden sorted first. Trouble is I have such a large garden it seems never ending! The weather should be good again tomorrow, so looks like we will both be busy outside again.

    Bye for now. xx


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