Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Caravan Weather

In the office where I work at the moment we have windows that we cannot open and air conditioning.  We can look out though and see what is happening out and about.  Today we have had torrential rain and it has come down in shed loads and puddles huge ones have formed in seconds.  Today has  reminded us all at work of the kinda weather we used to have when we went on holiday as children.  Happy days for all of us but days when there was loads of rain and we ended up being in the caravan playing board games, listening to the crackly radio  noses pressed up against steamy windows, big sighs at being kept in; and then escaping at the merest lift of the cloud, or the sun coming out or the cessation of rain completely or into light drizzle going to the chippy, getting fish and chips or just chips and eating them out of the paper, with them going soggy if the drizzle persisted.  Perhaps looking  back we see things through rose coloured glasses; but then we did not expect much we accepted what we were told.  If we perchance asked what was for dinner we would get a comment back like "If it goes round you will be getting some" or the like.  Children were then still to a great degree "seen but not heard".  Because wages were lower we didn't ask for things for presents; we were lucky if we had a present let alone many presents.  We had no expectations but we were happy and if perchance we did ask for something my father used to reply "One day" and if he could afford it we would have and if he couldn't there wouldn't be a sniff of it however by letting us down gently this way it was not refusing but it wasn't dampening our dreams either  So very different to today's youngsters who must have this and must have that latest designer label but who lack one thing the older generation have which is not easily won.  Patience.  Everything comes to those that wait.  Today has definitely been caravan weather and a day for reminiscing about the past.

Hope you have all had a lovely day and that you haven't been dodging too many puddles.

Catch up with you all again shortly

Love and light



1 comment:

  1. With you all the way on a caravan day Trishia!
    We used to have 'windmill pudding' - there'd be enough of it to 'go around' :o)
    Hope it's dryer tomorrow.
    Rose H


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