Monday, 2 April 2012

Cupcake Collars

As you all know last year I bought myself a cupcake baker from John Lewis - please see the link here.

 In all reality I haven't had much time to play, but come the beginning of May it is my birthday and I thought I would start planning a little ahead with consumables, and things like that and recipes and I though you might all like to have a play as well hence the reason for this early post.

The other day  I met my good friend Margaret who is generally into crafts of all sorts and who is very responsible for me  doing crafting of different types. Margaret is the good friend who told me I could craft and that each time I did something I would learn and that there was no such thing as "can't".  Margaret is a beautiful needlewoman in any event but one of her passions is making her own cards and papercrafting.  I was talking to her about cupcake collars and how expensive they were and was there a paper punch in the shape of a cupcake collar or a stencil that I could use for either pricking out a design or punching one.  Cupcake collars to buy are expensive they look beautiful but I cannot afford £5 or more a time and as I have lots of crafting consumables at home that I could potentially make use of.  Things that you would not necessarily think of using like paper lace doilies, (easily picked up for next to nothing) pretty wrapping paper, paper punches that you already have lace templates etc.  Crafting CD's with paper background prints that can be printed off the home computer. Paper texturing boards a little lace trim or maybe even some card glitter to give your collars some bling.

Tonight I went mooching on the Internet and I have found the following links which has different sized templates for the cupcake collars.  The website itself looks very interesting for cake decorating generally too some smashing cakes there is you have a mosey and the attention to detail is brilliant.

So I am going to have a play with these and see what I can come up with and will show the results in due course.

I also found some pre-printable cake collars which look quite fun and can be printed off  for your use at home on the home computer.  At the end of the day its about making things look nice and attractive and if this can be done quite cheaply, then it can be done more often just for a little time and effort but with maximum return.

I have been thinking that they could be laminated too and then recycled or used as outer cases to pretty things up.

Food for thought and something to play about with.  Will show you more when I have had a play - will you show me yours?

Take care



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  1. Your post reminded me of this

    I love Real Simple mag- my daughters buy me a subscription for my birthday each year- and the website is FULL of great ideas

    Easter Blessings, Pattypan x


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