Monday, 9 April 2012

Getting in a tangle

It's wet, horrible and cold here in Peterborough and  my arthritis has flared again, so I am as the saying goes not firing on all cylinders.  The heating is on as a result, but funnily enough OH is the one feeling the cold today.  It has been very quiet here today; and I am busy doing things honest.

Well in the name of getting tidied up  bit more and getting my sewing stuff a bit more organised I have managed to get myself into one mother of a tangle.  I decided that some wool that had got a little grubby needed a wash; it was tightly wrapped and I hand washed it and then put it into the tumble drier to gently dry it.  I knew that I should have listened to my inner voice but I thought well no it will be alright and I was hoping against hope that it would stay like that.  You have guessed it - its unravelled the lot and the wool is needed for a particular purpose so I will have to sit patiently one evening later in the week and re-roll the lot. Talk about a cat's cradle.   More pratt me!  More than a cat in a tangle!  Perhaps this may well serve as a warning to other's just don't do what I did!  I have said before that if there is a wrong way to do something then I will find it guaranteed!

However I have managed to get one of my knitting bags sorted out and all my matching needles are now wrapped in their needle holder and my bag has all the needle and stitch holders, row counters, row markers, stitch markers, crotchet hooks etc etc all sorted into it.  So at least I stand a fighting chance of locating what I am looking for now. All odd needles and sock needles have been kept separately as I have lots of odds and ends, but I have another knitting bag to go through yet; my mother in laws.  This is not boding well; I intend to pass on any extra sets to the local charity shop or any bits I no longer want.  So we have partial organisation as well.

I am also sorting out the UFO/items too and making sure everything is where it should be so that I can then get on with the next object etc as everything will be together. It has been quite interesting finding out what I had actually started.  I think that is for another post though.

Right I am off to do some more; its slow progress but at least it is all being sorted out and any rubbish dispose of along the way.  Before you ask this is part of the bedroom sorting out as these bits and bobs have been put out of the way in my bedroom in a hurry.  The sorted ones are going into a spare drawer.

Right am off to get some toasted hot cross buns and a mug of tea

Catch you later


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