Saturday, 21 April 2012

Getting into good habits

I am currently trying to be very good and getting into good habits with doing various things around the house; particularly with me working full time - I am trying where I can to make my life that bit easier so that I can get to do some of the enjoyable things rather than just be working working and working and whirling round like a dervish in full kelter.  As a result I often end up getting totally worn out and no energy to do even simple things.  I am making a concerted effort to do things as I go along rather than leave them and then blitz them.  Its not massive things just small things and getting into a new mindset which is always difficult to start with when you are implementing a new regime but anything worth doing is worth doing well.

  • Like if I have a book out; before I get another one out put that one back; and
  • If we have tea in the front room take the plates out straight away and get them into the dishwasher; and
  • when I go shopping buy only those items that I need - letting the need prioritise the pennies rather than the wants or would likes;
  • making do and using what I have where I can or substituting items if I haven't got them; being creative and practical;
  • planning our meals a little more than I am used to;
  • I am currently in the pros of stripping the freezer out so that it can be switched off and defrosted.  I will then be able to repack it back up; the idea to stock up with special offers or bargains
  •  writing a shopping list for those items that I have run out of and then when I get paid at the end of the month they will be incorporated into the monthly shop.  I know it sounds silly but at the moment I have run out of nearly everything to do with gravy that I can do.  I use Oxo cubes quite a lot but only ever buy them from the pound shop a big box only costs £1 in there but locally the smaller box is well over £1.46 for not so many cubes; come pay day a couple of batches of stock paste will be made up and put into the pantry store;
  • For the dirty laundry I have a large wicker linen basket - the washing machine only goes on when I have a full load for the machine; equally if I use the tumble drier a full load only goes on.
  • clothes are got ready the night before so that there is less of a rush in the morning;
  • shoes are cleaned the night before also;
  • pack ups are done and put in the fridge night before also;
  • table is laid for breakfast in  the morning and the pots are placed in the dishwashwer where possible after use and popped on if there is a full load;
I use up as much of the vegetables I buy each week as I can; waste is not an option and if there are bits and bobs of different veggies left over a batch of veggie stock is made.  I also freeze down my own vegetables where I can so that I always have a standby or a shortcut when it comes to cooking; in all honesty I do prefer fresh veg but we have to be practical here and use what is available to us. It is early days and just tentative  teeny steps so far but from small footsteps giant strides can be made.   I will see how things go.

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