Sunday, 29 April 2012

Good evening everyone

I have had a brilliant weekend in fact it is coming to a close all too soon.  I went to a fabulous workshop with my friend and mentor Jacqueline Lesley yesterday where she introduced colour and auragraphs to our tool box.  It was a wonderful day where I was with like minded people; some old friends and some new friends.  It was all very enjoyable and I will do a  separate post on this later on in the week. 

I went back to my friend's home after the workshop don't know where the time went but it was gone 11 pm before I got home. I think we managed to polish off a couple of bottles of red wine between us.  Lovely Jubbly.  So I didn't get to the veg shop yesterday at all.

Today started with OH bringing me breakfast in bed -  [not sure what I had done to deserve this but it went down very well in any event] which was a nice surprise but the weather has been absolutely abysmal today.  Its been a North Easterly hooley and torrential rain.  I had to go out as we had run out of milk (because of my absence yesterday)and OH took Missy out and she came back drenched but a quick dry down with her towel soon got her sorted out - she hates being wet.

We have had a lovely tea tonight I managed to get a lamb shoulder at a reasonable price and I roasted that and then served it with roast potatoes, new potatoes, calabrese, peas, runner beans,carrots and lashings of gravy and it went down very well.  We have the remainder for tea tomorrow night as it will be quick for me to do before going out.  For pudding I managed to get a tray of strawberries which were surprisingly nice considering they were not English, served simply with sugar and some double cream.  It was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed my tea.

 I have a bit of a busy week this week;  I have some major changes which start with my job tomorrow; I am not sure how it is going to work out but will have to suck it and see.  its always the same at the beginning of May for weeks and weeks I do nothing and then all of a sudden I am here there and everywhere all good fun though.  I am due to go to a healing group tomorrow evening (if our hostess is up to it).  Wednesday I have the Psychic and Spiratual Fellowship's monthly meeting   Thursday I am another year older; Friday I am due to go to my friend's home; this is the friend that used to live over the road; however she has moved to a village outside of Peterborough and this will be the first time I have seen her since she moved.

Right upwards and onwards have to get ready for a busy day tomorrow.

Just take it steady and keep safe wherever you are




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  1. Glad you had such a good weekend, it's nice to hear you sounding so upbeat.


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