Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Late on Parade

Its been a variable day here in Peterborough and we have had rain againt this evening; the cold and the damp is really affecting my movements at the moment and my joints which tends to slow me up a bit.  Oh well these things are sent to try us but at the mminute I feel very much like the Tin man.

Sorry its so late in the evening/morning that I have been able to post; it has been a particularly busy day; a very busy day at work then the servers packed up and we were unable to use our system so we ended up doing those jobs like filing and sorting out any rubbish; by the time we got back on the day had almost gone.

Since getting home, we have had tea; I didn't fancy too much  my appetite isn't what it was and so I just had a pork and apple sandwich and OH finished off the remains of yesterdays lunch; the extra crumble got frozen the other one is in the fridge for tomorrow nights tea; which is going to be chicken kievs with a selection of veggies and then pudding to follow.  (choice of jelly and strawberries or rhubarb crumble and custard).

This evening since I got home I have been playing on the sewing machine with some patchwork and I have worked a patvhwork panel which is going to be turned into an extra sized pot holder; it is in pretty pale blues and yellow.  I am not used to doing patchwork it is something I am going to get to grips with but at my own pace and a little bit at a time.  I will show photos later on in the week once I have the pot holder sorted and finished.  It has come up better than I anticipated and I am quietly pleased that it has come up so well; it is enouraging me to have another go at something else; I have all sorts of ideas buzzing around.   The creative urge is certainly surfacing again.

OH has an important appointment tomorrow for which he needed some clothes ironing major problem though  the ironing board cover has collapsed.  Never mind; come 9 p.m. I set to and decided I was making a new ironing board cover (without a pattern) which I have subsequently cut out, overlocked stitched down and then elasticated.  It too has come up extremely well and seems to be a good fit at the moment.   Yet again I will show photos later on in the week - hopefully I will have managed to hem and stitch the tablecloths I cut out and overlocked the other weekend.   I still have another cover yet to make, but that may happen later on in the week.  I have used a turquoise blue gingham which looks quite cheerful and at least with me making the cover it can be washed and will not disintegrate.  If I get anything else sorted I will also post some photos.  I quite have in mind that I would like to make some pinafores and some other bits and bobs in due course.  I am pleased to be getting to grips with the sewing machine again it has been a long time.

I have subsequently ironed three or four shirts and three or four pairs of trousers for OH to have a selection of for his appointment tomorrow; better to be safe than sorry as often what I would put out he wouldn't be in the mood to wear so if he is given a selection he can take his pick.

Righty ho, am going to have to skidaddle and get some shuteye

Take care be safe wherever you may be

Love and light to everyone - catch up soon




  1. Some days just seem to go haywire don't they? I think I'd cheer if the ironing board collapsed!
    Glad you got sorted in the end though and had some chill out with the sewing machine :o)
    Hope today goes better for you.
    Rose H

  2. Busy as ever Pattypan!

    Have a good week & don't do too much - hope your OH's interview goes well.

    Kay :)


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