Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Monday evening roundup (on Tuesday morning)

Sorry I did not get back to you last night  as things got a bit late and I did want to get to bed.  (although most of this post was written then so please excuse the tense as it may not be quite correct).

Monday Night ...... I have still been pottering away in the bedroom.  Have managed to get some of my clothes put away (Squeak was helping and trying to put herself away in to the wardrobe in the process.  Its nice and dark in there and a nice hidey hole away from everyone.  She was removed quite quickly.

Still loads of ironing to do but that can be done later at night.  I am mindful of the young family next door at night as they have young ones and I don't want to put the vacuum on later on, whereas I can get on with the ironing later as it is something you can do at unsociable times.  I still lots more clothes to get put away; and more work in that I have some skirts to put new zips in so some more work for the sewing pile.  However it has been a productive day, despite me being very stiff from a flare with the arthritis.  I have had to top up with paracetamol again today which helps a little with the pain -  I just have to keep going.  Fortunately I do not have to walk to work tomorrow, I think that would finish me off at the moment.  However it looks as though it will be a busy day in any event.

 I have still got to keep at it so will be another busy evening tomorrow night hopefully will get a bit straighter then.It feels good to get at least some of the work achieved, although still a long way to go.  It doesn't make it any easier that I am shifting clothes from one rail to another and then re-arranging to get the best use out of the rails possible - I have a lot of clothes.  I have also found fabric for two cord skirts, a green and a brown.  A navy blue tweed for a jacket, skirt and trousers.  Purple suiting for a skirt, jacket and trousers.  Loads of patchwork fabric in pinks.  I have been collecting these for a while as I would in the future like to have a go at the wedding ring quilt.  I have pinks, greens and creams in my bedroom (Country diary colours); however still have quite a lot more to collect although I have plenty of plain pink.  I also have a fair bit of patchwork fabrics in blue, lilacs but still have a way to go with these.  I have to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and if I collect a little bit every so often it is easier on the pocket.  All the material is cotton.  I am even saving little tiny bits as I can always use them as well with folded patchwork projects as well.  

I really am itching to get swinging away with the sewing machine.  I have popped all the straightforward stuff into a box so that I can just wade my way through it a bit at a time.  I also have some bread cover cloths to make for popping over the bread whilst it is proving or when it is cooling.  I have chosen cheery gingham fabric in red and white green and white and blue and white for this purpose and have had the fabric for sometime.  I also have some large green check fabric for a table cloth for the large pine table in the dining room and some left over curtain fabric to make a pretty undercloth.  That is all neatly stacked ready for work to commence.  Once made up I will then be able to put out the way and be able to use said objects when I need to.

Its been a busy day looks like tomorrow is going to be just as busy.  

Catch up soon



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