Monday, 9 April 2012

Tea time

We have had chicken and chips for tea; rotisserie cooked chicken which was moist and delicious and then home made chunky chips sprinkled with pickled onion vinegar (I never waste the vinegar from a jar of pickled onions) this together with a pinch of salt gives the chips lots of flavour.  I had pickled onions as well today although quite frequently I serve with sweet chilli sauce and bread and butter.  Goes down a treat.

Have been beavering away in the bedroom; have found a heap of UFO's including two cardigans,  a turquoise blue one and a purple onea needlepoint panel of roses (for a cushion insert), an art glass window panel, a wild strawberry panel a photo frame done in fabric and the list goes on.  I have also found a huge pile of fabric which is also going to be converted pretty quickly into some table covers (my guess will be that I will start these at the weekend probably Saturday night when I get a few hours to myself will whizz through them on the overlocker

It is still very cold here and the wind is blowing a bit of a hooley bit miserable but we do need the rain; I am going to get on again.  I found the second bag of knitting needles and I have managed to match a few more pairs up.  I still think there is another bag somewhere along the line.

Right am going to get on again If I am to restore any more order to the bedroom and actually get into bed!  Catch up soon.



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