Saturday, 12 May 2012

Chill Out Saturday

Today has been a chill out sort of day so far or should I say extremely lazy; I decided when I got up that it was going to be a bitty bobby sort of day one to indulge the inner creative child, to watch some tutorials, to research some further ideas for future posts, but very rewarding for me from a creative point of view.

I have watched a couple of tutorials on patchwork techniques which was all the more amazing in its simplicity and a technique I hadn't really come across before - string (strip)quilting but foundation based well the technique anyway.  Its not often I get time to watch tutorials but II watched this one  for this type of block but also a variation on a theme  a broken spider block.  

A few years ago I rescued a patchwork quilt from a charity shop (I can't understand precious work that has taken hours and hours to make being given away in the first place, but then it has found a new home with me and I love it but I do have mixed feelings over this type of acquisition - I am so grateful but so sorry for the family it came from if you know what I mean).Surprisingly the quilt it is the broken spider pattern that is used throughout the block.  I like it when things come together and I can give a name to a particular type of patchwork or block as there are so many variations (at the moment is not helping as I have fabric fever), but this type of piecing does not appear to be as complicated as I though and is one I am going to have a mess with it and see what I can come up with.  I am thinking pinks and purples, but this will be the end of the month before I get to experiment and I have loads of other things to do in between.  

Whilst researching I have had music on - its not often I get the chance to lay much loved tracks but this has helped soothe me too and so at the moment I am feeling seriously chilled which is an unusual situation for me.  For the best part I am on my own; OH is upstairs playing KOC after his first week back at work; he seems to like the new job and I am pleased.  Very occasionally Missy comes tootling down the stairs  to see what I am up to and get a bit of a fuss; equally Squeak comes for a cuddle and parks herself on my lap between the pooter and me.  Has to have undivided attention you know.

I signed up to a site earlier on in the year for nothing - I was offered the course free and access to the course at any time, the course is craftsy block of the month with Amy Gibson and although I have not actually made anything yet I have been enjoying from time to time watching the tutorials and working through them in readiness to actually having a play.  sometimes I learn more by watching things than attempting to read things from a book so these tutorials are brilliant as far as I am concerned.

I have also downloaded some free pdf patterns from another site that I have belonged to for quite some time  They also have a sister site where you can buy patterns.  This particular one though is totally free and easily stored in pdf format; they cover quilting, cross stitch plastic canvass beading knitting paper crafts sewing etc. and there are some lovely projects on there.  For the time being though I am storing them in readiness for when I am looking for something to do if you have the pattern you can always go back to it.

I am also taking junk collecting or should I say recovering to a new level.  I am keeping all coloured paper that comes my way for paper crafting and re-using I have a large pressie bag full of it at the moment.  Once the dining room table is clear it will be time for a play as I can have bits and bobs out and play to my hearts content once the table is clear.

Right am off to find something for tea and also another mooch round tinternet.

Catch up soon




  1. nothing wrong with having a"sofa" day... have fun xx

  2. It does you good to just have a 'me' day and do just whatever you fancy.. hope you've enjoyed your chill out day.. xx


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