Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Recent Colour in Mediumship workshop

The last fully weekend in April I had a fantastic weekend and a very enjoyable time all round.  Meeting up with old friends and making new friends as well.  Yesterday I went to my friend and mentor's (Jackie Lesley's)  most recent  psychic workshop for beginners and intermediaries where she concentrated on colour and how important a tool this can be in psychic and mediumistic work but also in every day life.  I respond to colour I like lots of it  and in my Reiki work I use the chakras (the energy centres throughout the body which are all denoted or associated with a colour i,e. the throat chakra is associated with the colour blue which is a cool colour.  Sometimes however these energy centres get blocked and there are various ways of assisting in releasing the energy.  Sometimes a crystal known as a blue lace agate (pale blue) is very beneficial for assisting with a sore throat.  If you wear one of these crystals round your neck on a necklace or if you place one of these crystals into a tumbler of cold water (especially good if you have a sore throat) it can help relieve the problems without the need for any drug assistance.

We quite frequently refer to colour in our speech i.e. "Feeling blue or in a black mood".  We use colour association quite a lot in our every day lives often without even realising it and our brains seem to find it easy to recognise colour instantly and a lot easier in some instances than words.

Then out came the artists tools; these consisted of various different mediums crayons, chalks, graphite pencils, felt tips, charcoal etc. We were then asked to draw either a round shape or an oval shape (some of us did freehand others used templates which represents our aura or the person for whom we are reading's aura); once this was prepared we were then asked to pair up with a partner who we did not know and to do a psychic reading for each other.  This time  the reading was marked with a difference in that we had to prepare an Auragraph for our sitter, on a past, present and future basis and to draw and colour in what information we obtained from our sitter.  I really enjoyed this its years since I played with crayons and actually attempted to draw something; and considering things didn't turn out too bad.

I had wanted to show you the Auragraph that I had professionally done a few years back and the Auragraph that was prepared for me by an absolute beginner at this workshop, but unfortunately my camera has now done a disappearing trick although I had located the battery charger.  Hopefully I will find this soon so that you are able to get a better idea of what I am on about.

We all deal with colour on a day by day basis half the time we don't realise we are using it. 

I enjoyed this workshop and I am looking forward to exploring this medium a little further in due course.




  1. I am intrigued to read about the Aurograph. It sounds like a fascinating workshop.


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