Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Things have been a tad hectic here this morning with trying to get OH to work despite a madly prancing Jack Russell barking excitedly and showing her displeasure at him leaving. in between me getting his shirt ironed etc and just being Missy.; full of fun and always laughing she is always grinning a happy little dog who just wants to play.

Peace is reigning now she is cuddled up on the settee with me pretending to be asleep.

Now its down to me with the mundane nd the routine to get myself sorted and then to wend my merry way to work, the last day until the 25 June 2012.  I am just sipping a cup of tea and savouring the quiteness of the morning now that peace has been restored.  I like peace and quiet in th morning just to come too gracefully.  I am uneasy at the moment, can't quite put my finger on it but we will see what we will see.

The sun is out so it bodes well for a nicer day.; a new day to explore and discover new situations new people all new situations to be discovered and experienced.  The blue touch paper has been lit, the wheel has turned another notch to take us to the next stage.

Right  a further cup of tea is required and pill time;  all these words so early are making me thirsty

Catch everyone later on



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