Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lovely morning here

Its a lovely morning here in Peterborough sun is shining and as usual I have loads to do but hey its only the depth that varies with me.

Last night's recycling expedition did not work out too badly; I have two cotton shirts OH does not want anymore so it is a start and I have some navy, black and white cotton tea shirt fabric that is destined to be recycled into yarn.  The polo shirts I was particularly looking for in respect of doing  clippie style rug - OH had already disposed of them so I kind of dipped out there, but hey never mind its a start and can be added to very gradually and then re-purposed and used to make a mat of one description or the other; and now I know what I am looking for I can keep my eye out for very little cost apart from time and effort..  The thing is I start off one one craft and end up with it developing a mind of its own and taking me in a slightly different direction.  The scrap bag is becoming more valuable by the minute as it is rich in potential.

I have managed to get all the clothes in the wardrobe as well which is a bonus and now have an excess of coat hangers to fill with the pile of ironing I have waiting for me but at least they are now not "airing" round the house and it has freed up the doorways again.

Right I am off to clean the windows, wash the nets and  clean the carpet and let some of that fresh air in.

Will pop back later on

Have a lovely day wherever you may be



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