Sunday, 10 June 2012

Night all

Here in Peterborough it is raining again;  we haven't got the hooley just gentle rain falling in the dark velvet of the night; just gently falling - I suppose it is best overnight but I have a feeling we may have rain again in the morning. I hope not as I have to walk to work just hope I can find a brolly.

 I am waiting for a loaf of bread to finish for OH's pack up for tomorrow it seems to be coming up well and will probably be done just past midnight.  Demetri is still not in and is nowhere to be seen; I shall leave the window on the latch for him to come and go if he wants leaving biscuits and water down for him although I am slighly concerned I have not seen him as he usually pops in for a fuss at least.

I have sorted through a pile of socks to pair up and put away and have a pile that have no partner; not just one or two a whole stack of them.   I just don't know where they get to I think the washing machine has a gremlin that gobbles them up.

I have my hair to wash before I go to bed as well which should not take too long; I always let it dry naturally.

Think we are going to have chicken done on the griddle for tea tomorrow night with some new potatoes peas and carrots which will be a quick tea so that I can get on tomorrow evening at long last I am starting to see the light with the tidying up.

Well I am off to check the bread, wash my hair and then pottle on up to bed.

I hope you all keep safe and well

Catch you soon



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  1. Hello Trishia! Back on-line (at last!)
    You make the gentle rain sound so romantic. There's a planet somewhere that's populated by odd socks! I start off with a sock count to make sure I have all the 'pairs' before they even get into the washer, but magically there's always one that's 'beamed up' when I'm pegging out - and isn't it infuriating?
    Hope you have a peaceful night, and I'm sure Demitri will turn uplike a bad penny.
    Rose H


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