Thursday, 21 June 2012

Summer Solstice

Solstice greetings to everyone.  The wheel has turned yet again another cog placed in the wheel of life. The year is creeping on and I feel slightly disconnected and out of sync. waiting for something although at this point not knowing what.

I was up early this morning just as dawn was starting to creep in; mother was fast asleep I was hoping to see the dawn in full glory but the sky was overcast here in Deeping; and I had managed to get up.  I chose to linger for a while and was just on my way back when mum stirred in her sleep just before 04.00 a.m.    I crawled back into bed and hugged the quilt and the sheet.  It was later that we got the torrential rain  around 07.00 a.m. good for the plants in the garden after the stifling heat of the past few days and it also means that I don't have to water up for mum tonight apart from the tomatoes in the greenhouse which are starting to form and already have the significant tomato aroma.  It was the middle of the afternoon before the sun managed to shine and it has been a muggy afternoon.  Mum has a beautiful big border of lavender and I am hoping it keeps dry tomorrow so that I can take some home with me.  I just love the scent of lavender on clean linen and I would quite like to have a go at making some lavender sachets as well as some lavender bottles (lavender stems interwoven with ribbon)

Mum has had a wander round the garden this evening; just a gentle stroll the first time she has been out in the garden since her operation last week.  We have the hospital clinic appointment tomorrow for them to check the dressing and to make sure that her leg is healing as well as it should do and that the graft has taken.  I am so glad that I took the week off to care for her as it has not been at all easy for her; not being able to hop!

It has been a good week where I have been able to care for my mum and spend quality time with her and just be.  It is a long time since I have not had to rush here there or everywhere and although slightly frustrating in one sense it has also done me an awful lot of good and mum says she has enjoyed the company.

On my parents' Ruby wedding anniversary I bought my parents a rose called "Ruby Wedding".  It has had a whole host of beautiful lovely scented red roses out in bloom and the scent tonight has been delightful.  I love Roses.

Right I am off to make a cuppa

Catch you soon

Take care and Solstice Greetings

With love and light



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  1. Solstice blessings to you too tricia. check my blog again, ive just edited my last post with a small film...

    Leanne x


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