Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sunday Roundup

Its been a busy day today after the pastie session earlier on today.  They were extremely tasty but next time I make them will add a wee bit more pepper.  

Since then I have been packing the clothes back into the walk in wardrobe the two 6 foot free standing pine wardrobes and the two double freestanding hanging rails.  I have also stripped the bed and put fresh bed linen on and also washed the nets and the windows and hoovered round the bedroom again.  I now have the undie drawers and the chest of drawers to sort out and re-pack so that everything can be found quite quickly.  Then once all that is done I have a plastic tub a large one that I now store the bedlinen in.  I am sadly missing my linen cupboard but I can't have it all ways although Ideally I would like both a large walk in wardrobe and a large linen closet; but not here.  Then all I have to do is polish again and then get the rugs down and we should have a completely done bedroom.  Thank goodness.  Lounge tomorrow when I get home from work.

Its been a bright fine day here today after the roughness of the past couple of days; the sun has been out and it has been quite mild although the wind is starting to get up again and it looks a bit black over Bill's mother's! I am getting a little concerned though as I haven't seen Demetri for about 24 hours - he didn't come in last night and we haven't seen hide nor hair of him all day.  No doubt he will turn up shortly.  Mind you I don't think its helping with Squeak standing guard by the bathroom window.  Holy terror.

We have had a scratch tea tonight; I had a joint but thought would give it a miss and ended up doing chicken chips beans and onion rings instead which went down quite nicely and it has meant I have been able to get on.

I have the radio on whilst I am pottering  and also doing a little research on the Internet on "green heating solar panels etc; it will all come in useful one day for my forever home!  Well there's no harm in plotting planning and looking into things or a little day dreaming (trouble is I never want to come back to reality).  Every so often I have a browse on the Internet to see what is available.  One day.

Anyway I am off to get on if I can pop back I will but still have quite a bit to do.

Hope you are all keeping well safe and sound 

Catch up soon



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