Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sunday Roundup

I have been pottering around in the garden this afternoon, sowing a few seeds not that I think that they will come to much but If I don't try I won't know.   The sun has been hot but the wind has been rough; a very variable kind of day. Two tubs of cress are sown as are some pea shoots for salad. I have also started some pot marigold off and some salad and beans.  I have had the dirt in my hands, my nails have had to be scrubbed with a brush as a consequence to remove all remnants.  But sometimes its good to do this as it is a very good grounding mechanism; we all need connecting to the earth and to the seasons.   Next year is going to be very different and hopefully the greenhouse will be back in full production if not here then maybe somwhere else.  I am getting very itchy feet at the moment.  Hopefully I will get some time to myself tomorrow night to plant some more seed up and if I can do a little each day if and when it comes through at least it is going to be staggered and not need potting on in one fair swoop.  I am not a gardener but I have a go and each time I do it I learn something more, but I do love growing things from seed and see new life pour through.  Gardening is something I would really like to get my head around eventually so that I can grow my own veggies etc for my preserves and have my own fruit orchards.

I also need to get back into my routine in the house I feel desperately out of kilter at the moment; as though somethign is missing its probably the change in the wheel, perhaps its other things I am not sure but I sense that there is radical change afoot.  I am doing a lot of dreaming at the moment, it is helping me get through.  You have to dream but also make the most of each day that passes whether it be good or bad. Last night for instance I dreamed a funny dream i.e. that I had gone to my mum's and that she was having trouble with her washing machine which was an old one but that she showed me how to get into it from the side and not the front.  Now first I am concerned about my mum at the moment but she is not the one who was having grief with the washing machine I was last night and you certainly don't get into it from the side,  I do have some weird ones perhaps it is symbolic i.e. that if you can't find the answer by going head on go round the side!  My mantra is One day at a time as each day is a blank page and if things are not terribly good that is on that day as you always have to be optomistic that the next day is going to be better, which it generally is as you quite frequently see it through a fresh pair of spectacles not necessarily rose tinted.

I realised at my mum's last week that sometimes I need to take things steady and last week did me good to spend quality time with her something I aim to achieve a lot more regularly in the weeks to come but I don't find it easy to just sit I always have to be on the go.  My grandmother and my dad were both the same so I suppose it is in the genes!

The roast Pork was delicious as were the strawberries and cream for afters were too as well.  Tomorrow night will be a scratch tea  as I have a meeting with a pile of ironing; then a nice hot bath to follow.

I am back to work tomorrow no doubt it will be a busy oneand I have to walk both into work and walk home which will be a feature of this week due to OH's working commitments.  Tomorrow he will not leave work until 6.00 p.m.

I won't be late to bed this evening if I can help it

Take care, keep safe and be happy wherever you are.




  1. Sounds like a gently productive day :o)
    Hope your Mom is feeling much better...shame you're back at work tomorrow.
    Rose H

  2. Thank you Rose

    Hope you are okay too




  3. Hi pattypan. I have been finding it very hard to keep going in my garden this year, as the weather has not been encouraging either for growing seeds or working out in! I am sure your seeds will germinate much better now than earlier in the year.


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