Monday, 2 July 2012


Morning everyone just a quickie before I depart off to work.  I woke stiff this morning my lower back and my legs are not co-operating well together - no wonder it is raining how dare it I have to walk to work.  At this rate everyone is going to end up rusty.  Its gentle rain fortunately and I have dug out the big umbrella so I should be well covered and I must admit I enjoy the thinking time as I walk to and from work it helps me put things in perspective and helps me calm down before I either get into work or before I arrive home important time in a busy schedule.  It will be a busy day as one of our girls does not work a Monday (she works a Saturday) and so Monday is her Saturday and one of our other girls is on holiday for the week so it will be all hands to the pump and at least this week I will not be billing continuously which is always a logistic race before the books are closed and getting people to do what they should is always a massive logistical nightmare.

I have the pickles to finish off this evening when I get in - I have to walk home as OH is on a 10 hour shift today.

Hope everyone has a good day rain prevailing catch up soon



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  1. Hope you kept's been raining here most of the day - AGAIN :o(
    Hope your aches and pains are improving too :o)
    Rose H


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