Monday, 27 August 2012

Busy in the Kitchen

Never was a phrase so apt for yesterday's fun and games as Keep calm and Carry On!

I eventually got the freezer all sorted but I think it will be next month before we can afford a new freezer.  I would like a chest one again  - I have an upright but I do love my chest freezer and we have lived out of it for the past 24 years and I nearly always have them stacked to the gunnels as when pennies are tight you can always make a meal from stuff esconced within the freezer.  I usually take advantage of meat pies etc (M & S) fish belly pork stuffed  by me and then rolled now that does make a cracking meal. etc. etc.

This morning I got eventually to go to Dunhelm Mill and I have come back with a load of preserving jars - some small ones Kilner ones but I have bought 20 250ml jars at 89 pence a throw and you can use the replacement kilner seals on them as they are the same size (I haven't told you that though).  I also bought four more small kilner ones (I have 8 of these now) and four larger sized jars at £1.79 each and also two larger ones still ready for the goats cheese in oil that I keep in the fridge for the winter months and prep up and store in olive oil lovely on toasted ciabatta or french stick and then drizzled with home made mixed herb olive oil brings the summer into winter and as you may all have guessed I do love my food  even though my appetite these days is diminished to what it was.  Cooking for me is not just about the food it is sharing my love I have for life and those within it.

I have some courgettes to use up as well and being a big fan of the River Cottage series I went in search of the Glutney recipe.  Here it is down below.  Will probably do this one tomorrow night.  I have plum chutney cooking at the moment.

And I have also found this recipe.  You all know my liking for different and this one uses the humble carrott.  I have made carrot jam before I like it especially in the bottom on sponges for a trifle gives a very different flavour.  But this one quite appeals.  The site is based on the Tracklements Preserves and it has some lovely little recipes.  I think the idea behind it was preserves for a year only. So I think this preserve will be the one I have a go at  next.

I have also been playing with processing my own pie fillings.  I am experimenting with some strawberry at the moment thinking that I could use it with yogurt, as a filling for a home made Victoria sponge, in a pie with rhubarb or apple, with pancakes....  Will let you know how it turns out in due course.  I do like it when I get to play in the kitchen.  I have used 6 of my 8 little Kilner jars so I think I will have to be getting a few more of these little tiny jars.  It is expensive getting the jars to start with but once you have them all you need is some new seals.

This month is really the month that you should be starting to put things up or as in my case for "The Put Down".  An alternative pantry if you like rather than having to rely on the supermarket.  I rarely buy pre-made goods choosing to bake myself; occasionally I buy pies but I aim to kick that one into touch in the next few months or so.  I am off to potter my chutney is calling me.

Back to work tomorrow

Catch up soon


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  1. Bet you're glad you finally got the freezer sorted - what a job!
    There are very few vegetables I don't like, but I'm afraid courgette is high on the short list.
    Our chest freezer gave up the ghost a couple of years ago, and sadly I couldn't get another one to fit in the space with enough capacity. We ended up with an upright - which I hate :o( Hope you have better luck with the replacement.
    Rose H


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