Sunday, 12 August 2012


Sorry I haven't been around again for a few days I have rediscovered one of my early passions in life of reading.  I haven.t had much time for it of late.  I was taught from an early age that if you have a book you always have a friend.  I have also found myself reading when I want to escape my real life when I am not coping with things (it happens periodically)  and just give myself a breather.  Unfortunately when I read I am anti social and tend to closet myself off and escape into the plot of of a good book where I become the character and am besotted to the end of the book.  Unfortunately I am not a the end of the book yet; I have had a lay in where I have been reading but OH has moaned to me to get up (possibly because I have left one of the back rooms in a blinking mess , so I had better go on,  if I had my way I would still be curled up with my book deeply engrossed.  Will have to wait until later on before I can continue but I am not impressed at the interruption (my first husband hated me reading and the current partner does not seem to cope either  - both it would seem wanted/want my constant attention!  

Talking of the back bedroom I started sorting it yesterday and I have found a couple of books that I had forgotten about together with a whole box of books I had forgotten I had.  They are now on my reading bookshelf in my bedroom there is a series of books about King Arthur the Cyrstal Cave etc; a load of Noel Barbers and books that I have kept stemming back to holidays when I was a teenager. Wuthering Heights Jayne Eyre.  I am sort of stacking things a bit better, getting rid of the rubbish and re-acquainting myself with those well loved tomes I have .  I am beyond recoverable where my books are concerned - lost cause but then I do get a lot of pleasure out of them and my books are always in constant use.   No doubt I shall find more as the day goes on.  I also have a further stack of magazines to sort out.

On the handicrafts front I am still beavering away at my yellow, green and cream single bed blanket.  I have run out of the cream wool but still have the green and yellow so will work the rest of that and then get the cream at the end of the month when hopefully I will be able to complete that one and get it out of the way.  I have also been hemming one of the tablecloths that I prepared with the overlocker a while or so back, That is all tacked up ready to whizz round on the machine.  I have a further two to do and then it will be Izzy whizzy lets get busy with the sewing machine. so I have been doing things just not as much as I really wanted to do.

Right upwards and onwards back to the back bedroom.

Catch you all later on



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