Sunday, 19 August 2012


I have been awake since 5.30 a.m. having had all the windows upstairs open overnight as it has been far too warm as a result my sleep has been disturbed but I have just laid resting in the quiet until feeling the need to stir.  I didn't pop any of the spray on before going to bed, as I had had a reasonably good day yesterday; but this morning my back has been giving me some serious jip so I have put the one application on.  I don't intend to use it all the time just when it is too much for me to be reasonably comfortable.

OH has now departed for work and I have time to myself he will probably be home about 5.00 pm and I just now have some time to chill.  I am out tomorrow evening so I intend to make a batch of flapjacks to take with me a little later on and if the fancy takes me I might add one or two more items to the baking list and I have new gadgets i.e. the pie maker and the pop cake maker to use and I still want to play with the home made cheese.  I must say I feel very restricted on storage in my kitchen which is only a tiny galley kitchen with no where enough storage for all my kitchen equipment and also on the preserving storage front here as it is not big enough for what I want to do but beggars cannot be choosers and at the end of the day we have to make the best of what is available to us

However to start with I am on a mission; I had intended making home made pasta last evening to go with meatballs and tomato sauce but i have mislaid some of the items that I wish to use so I will have to track them down first but we will get there in the end.  I have been rather taken with the programme Simply Italian which is on Channel 4 on a Monday night about 8.30 p.m.  I love the freshness, simplicity and passion that Michaela Chiappa introduces to this lovely little programme.  It is well worth the watch a Welsh Italian presenter passionate about food it is a heady combination.

Here's the link for her recipe for basic pasta dough

I am going to take the opportunity to play and simply be today the house is quiet just me and Missy and its nice to just go aahh! I could desperately do with a holiday by the sea at the moment, just to go down to Cornwall to drink in the beauty of the whole area which is a feast in itself, paddle in the sea, go beach combing, rock pooling letting the inner child free.  I have never been one much for sun bathing but sometimes its nice just to sit and soak a little sun up even though I cannot sit for very long as being fair I get belted something rotten as a child I always had to cover up on the beach. I just wish I could live down there- there always seems to be this constant call in my heart that I belong down there which I cannot seem to get away from; it keeps coming back and each time it does the call and the strum gets louder more persistent.  I want to follow my heart but we always have to weigh up the pros and cons.  One day.  We each have to follow our own heart beat our own adventures

The programme is well worth the watch and Channel 4 have created their own Scrapbook facility which is well worth a look at too so that you can add those recipes and items of interest to a safe store

Right am off to potter hope you have a lovely day

Catch up soon



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