Friday, 17 August 2012

Whiff of Autumn

My apologies for not posting so much just recently real life has got in the way quite a bit - we have some work scheduled on the house (ie they are going to skim the kitchen walls as the pain will not stay on the walls I have two new doors to come sink unit and new toilet and cistern and with me walking to and from work every day now It leaves me precious time of an evening to get everything sorted in time as I have found I am also going to bed earlier than I used to.  We are also having new fencing put in th the garden and once that is sorted we may be able to reclaim the garden so that I can get it ready for growing veggies next year.

On my way home of an evening I have been managing to pick a few blackberries and bring them home and depositing them in the freezer.  Last night I ventured into our jungle of a garden and found blackberries.  I have picked about a kg and quickly deposited them in the freezer as I have no time to process them this weekend.  Come pay day I am going to have a bit of a session with the jams and some marmalades.  However I am going to get OH to take me to our normal blackberry grounds which are quite away from the house as I want to get quite a few put into the freezer for puddings and jam but I also want to bottle some in small jars for use with yogurt for breakfast or with home made pancakes or for thickening up and using to seal a victoria sponge together with whipped cream.  There ae lots of other things you can do like blackberry curd to spread thickly with fresh cream between scones and perhaps a few fresh berries for decoration. or blackberry whisky for a quick nip in those cooler months to come.  I have cherry wine and orange wine to get on the go and some beer (both are esconced in the freezer) so potentially a lot of things to do.

So things have been a bit hectic and a bit messy to say the least.  It doesn't help that at the weekends I have been busy too sometimes going out which tends to put me back a little in getting things done but everybody has to have some play time.

I am out tomorrow also with some very good like minded friends although the time flies when we all get together and start gassing.

Sunday I have for the best part to myself as OH is working so hopefully I will be able to regain a bit of ground then.

I am still beavering away at my crotchet blanket and my tablecloths so a little more on these might be achieved sometime during Sunday.

Well will have to fly I have to walk to work.

Catch up soon and take care




  1. You want 'pain' on your walls ?
    ( he he sorry couldn't resist!)

  2. Sorry Wean I did the post in a hurry before leaving of work this morning should have been paint but maybe pain was an appropriate word as I have been in agony most of the day. Will tell more later on once I have got myself settled. Hope you are keeping well


  3. Scones with blackberry curd and cream sound wonderful! It will be nice for you when the work in your house and the new garden fence are finished. I'm sure it will make a big difference.

  4. oh - sorry you are suffering PP - I hope you are feeling better today.
    I wasn't laughing at you, just the 'typo' it was so funny !



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