Monday, 24 September 2012

Good Morning Monday

Good Morning Monday the first day of the rest of the week.  I have to confess I have the blues today,  Its a duvet type of day to hide away in the warmth.  However it is still wet, overcast grey (I don't do grey) and dreary and the damp is in my joints again despite me keeping warm.  One step forwards two steps back.  Must keep positive,  But hey ho its just another day I will get through it just a bit slower than usual and I hate doing slow.  Too impatient me by half, perhaps patience is my lesson.  But then each day brings its own blessings and something special it its own way.  You just have to learn things in a different way.  Instead of cup being empty the cup is in actual fact half full and we have lots to be grateful for.  Sometimes getting through the day is challenge enough, but those days turn into weeks and those weeks into months and those months into years and I am very grateful for  the companionship of friends and fellow travellers if you like, we all help each other along the way through thick and thin.

I have the brolly ready so that I can do my Mary Poppins act "bobbing along" the street as I walk to work, getting my daily exercise in the process. Its a reasonable way, but it helps me keep moving and then I have the return journey this evening, but it gives precious thinking time - it is not just walking, (alternative view point again being positive when its easy to fall into the negative) being positive has farm more benefits. On the outward journey it helps me put the day in perspective and on the homeward bound it helps me relax after a busy day - just time for myself and we all need that now and again.

But today has hardly started, it is like opening up Pandora's box we never quite know what to expect but it keeps us on our toes and quite frequently there are surprises and intrigue. It wouldn't do if we were all the same, but then again truth is often stranger than fiction.

On that note I am going to tootle off to work (remember vision of Mary Poppins and her parrot umbrella [well not quite mine's grey but in my childish dreams its a pink one with a  parrot handle] bobbing long the streets of Peterborough) well they wouldn't miss me if it was pink!  The colour of love the colour of passion.

Catch you later on have a lovely day


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  1. Hi Pattypan
    Thanks for visiting me at my blog and becoming my latest follower - you are very welcome!
    Sounds like you are a very busy cook with all the preserving you have done recently - i have been tardy this year and achieved nothing on the jam or chutney front yet!
    Hope it stops raining!


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