Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mixed Herb Oil - Something to do in a Day

I am eager to get back in the swing of doing something per day, and being as I have quite a few herbs available in the herb border and as I am partial to a goats cheese salad I thought I would put up some of this precious oil  up so I could enjoy it during the winter months; so far this year it has been like permanent winter and any simple pleasure no matter what its form helps ease the grey days. It is quite simple to make all you need is some oil - I use a very light olive oil a sterilised jar and a mixture of herbs (however the herbs must be dry) when picked) I have used tarragon, thyme, rosemary a couple of bay leaves, and a couple of leaves of basil as I wanted a mixed oil but you can just use one individual herb  like rosemary to make rosemary oil or you can use saffron, chilli, Tarragon the choice is very much up to you.  Then all you do is bruise your herbs (try using the end of a flat rolling pin) and just crush the herbs to release their oils and then top up with oil I use a clip topped preserving jar ).  Pop on a kitchen window sill and leave in the sun for about three weeks.  Then strain through fine  muslin and decant into clean sterilised bottles; you can add a further fresh sprig of herb to the bottle to help identify which oil it is or you can leave it out.  Use on pasta, goats cheese salad, salad dressings, joints, fish...  Afterwards I usually store in the fridge or a cold pantry would be ideal.

I have been scrumping for rosemary wands this evening and you have to go undercover of night to get it.  It is on disused land but then again I don't want to make too public display of myself as there are lots of bushes but equally I don't need to take any more than I will use.  I also want to make some Rosemary and apple jelly.

So I have also prepared some Rosemary Oil as well its lovely massaged into a piece of lamb or drizzled over roast potatoes as well as on a sala.

So after breaking the first jar (fortunately had not got the oil in) the Rosemary oil is also now curing on the window sill.

Its easy silly things like this that give a lot of flavour they are easy enough to prepare at home and you get a lot more for your money.

A word of warning though if your oil starts to develop any foreign bodies as with all food dispose of it.  Your oils before you use them, should always be nice and clear.

Right am off to play some more

Catch you soon.



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