Saturday, 29 September 2012

Saturday Morning fix

I have also been to the Charity shop this morning.  There were several lovely things there as usual including some furniture which I have my eye on but in reality will not be able to take as I have no room where we are.  Shucks they are the right pieces at the right prices just no room at the inn.  One day I will find something similar and I will have room.  I was primarily after books as in recent weeks I have managed to source quite a lot of good reading for 50 pence a book.  This week the pickings were bare.  Just the one book, but I did manage to pick up a little green ring flower vase and two little green enamel pie plates which I am quite chuffed with.  Unusually the pie plates and the ring vase are both a lovely pale green - I love this colour and I think they are perhaps from the same period.  I am chuffed with them in any event.  All for £4.30 pence.  Not bad at all and a win win situation.

Catch you soon



P.S.  Ooohps it would help if I posted the photos (I am sure I put them in earlier) anyway here they are:


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  1. One of my favourite books- i have read it a few times now. :-)


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