Wednesday, 19 September 2012

September Morning

I was shattered when I got in last night and as the evening went on things didn't get on any better so I put a rain check on the picalliili.  I will do this tonight together with some pear and ginger chutney which I can put on and have simmering (you just have to keep an eye on it and stir it every so often) whilst I sit with the radio on,  on my Nan's old stool preparing the vegetables for brining.  I quite like the methodical work the quiet time where I can lose myself and my thoughts it is a kind of meditation and nearly always valuable in restoring my inner calm. In recent years I have taken to using the Pam Corbin recipe for Picallili which is one of the better ones I have come across.  In fact that little Preserves book is one of my all time favourite preserve recipe books

 it was cold here in Peterborough last night and the heating was put on for a little while. (It is chilly again this morning)  I can feel the change in the seasons so much and this morning my finger joints are swollen and I feel below par, so have to try and nip this in the bud whilst I can i.e. just take things steady.

I did however on Monday evening receive a big tub of rosehips to process so I may well start processing them tomorrow night.  I thought if I planned things out a little better it would give me chance to process everything in time and this is a tedious and time heavy job as I always remove the seeds from the rosehips.  First because I always keep a supply of the shells in to be used in wine making, ground down to form rosehip (vitamin c powder) make rosehip syrup rosehip and apple jelly and there are various other recipes out there.   I will not get them all done tomorrow night but I can make a start and process them a little at a time.

Another bountiful harvest from nature's larder  - thank you Jean, Becki and Jess  much appreciated xx

Talking about drying things I have also dried some lemon verbena leaves, some sage, some rosemary and some orange skin peels all as little extras to the larder shelf.  I intend to get hold of some red long thin chillis during the next few weeks and string them to dry. You must be careful when handling chillis and I always wear disposable gloves for processing them.  These will be used in next year's pickled onions (I already have a batch prepared and starting to be used in this years pickled onions and shallots) so if you do a little preparation work now your part way there when next year comes round.  Its all part of the rythym of the autumn season.  There is rythym and serendipity to each and every season we just have to learn to dance to our own tune our own heart song our own rythym.

If you have an open fire at home  then get out and go into the woods and collect the fir cones whilst they are dry and use them either as fire lighters or to just top the fire up as when they burn they release the most piney resiney smell.  I love wood/log fires.  You can also save the stalks and stems from herbs throughout the summer and use it as dry kindling, also orange peels that have been dried to scent the house also.  Get the wee ones in the family gathering with you.  That's how I learned to identify plants from an early age and that forager gatherer thing stays with you for life.  We always made a family occasion of it and took a picnic as well.  So while the weather is still fine get on out there.

Right am off to work catch you later.



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